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"…But what if they were Greek Godesses, for a change? At least one of them?"

(I won’t even try to find excuses for this one. It just happened.)



“Well, she didn’t get that chastity idea from me,” Jove observes. He tends to lose interest when the conversation at hand doesn’t revolve around him.

Juno’s expression is drier than the midday heat. “I think we can agree on that.”

“I’d know what I’d do with a forest fill of warrior maidens…”

Now Mars is just trying to get a rise out of Diana. She crosses her arms over her chest. “Oh, really?”

“Hide and hope they don’t catch me,” Mars adds with a nod and to general laughter. “What? Has any of you actually seen those girls? They are fierce!”

And this, right there, is why he is her favorite brother.

“Hide, and hope to catch an eyeful meanwhile,” he amends.

And this, right then, is why she slaps his arm hard enough to make him yelp.

“They’re not all maidens,” Venus points out from behind them and not for the first time, Diana thinks that Venus’ most compelling feature has nothing to do with her looks. “Some of them are just not that into men.”­


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"What happens when Emma and Elsa actually talk about the fact that they both have magic they can’t control, that they feel different from everybody else, that’s it’s really hard to let people in. Those were the things that excited us."

Eddy Kitsis (x)

Who helped Elsa learn to control her magic? Anna. And how was that possible? Through the power of True Love.

And who’s been helping Emma learn to control her magic? Oh that’s right, Regina! And what have they always said is the most powerful magic of all? Oh yeah, True Love!


because this was basically too adorable not to have by itself.


Anonymous asked:
Can you discuss why the artifact storyline in Past Imperfect bothers you? I would love to hear your awesome meta on it :)


*long exhale through pursed lips* Okay, let’s see if I can meta this without also ranting about the horrible Sam characterization and the lack of thought given to Myka despite this being a Myka story. (Actually, wait, the latter might be relevant to the inclusion of the artifact.)

Anyone else who is irritated by the artifact in Past Imperfect, feel free add your thoughts to this. I know I’m far from the only one who was bugged. (And for comments/discussion points that are pro-artifact, see thecomet13's reblog here)

Let’s start this meta with the Pilot. Myka enters the show as someone whose walls are up in full force. This is a defense mechanism likely fostered in her while growing up with her father’s mix of neglect and abuse. The reasons it’s triggered here are her lover and partner Sam Martino was killed on duty during a case they were both working, and Myka feels that’s her fault. Six months and a transfer later, Myka still deeply blames herself. This blame and guilt are Myka’s entire season 1 arc.

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(Some of) The Adorable Faces of H.G Wells


What if the fandom just collectively agrees that Pete was the one who got wished pregnant in No Pain No Gain and there was no artifact in Past Imperfect, and on the rare occasion either event is mentioned in fic, that’s how we treat them. Pete accidentally wished himself pregnant. Sam was betrayed by a team member but no artifact was involved.



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